A News Worthy Moment

Click the links below to read about one of the girls from our Youth Group, Star, who left last week to accept a volleyball scholarship at Western Texas College in Snyder, Texas.  We are all very proud of her.  She is missed here back home on the Island.



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My Little Buddy Noah

I was looking through some old material when I came across this gem.  Noah loves to tell jokes and I love to hear them.  What do you think of this classic?  I think he has a career ahead of him in standup.

My apologies to Noah’s parents.  You know who you are.  And so do some of my readers. I am a bad friend.


Disclaimer:  No animals were harmed during the filming of this feature.  I’m five years old on the inside.

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Maybe you remember how I was talking about some of our crazy driving laws a while back?  The other day, I was pulling into traffic and putting my seatbelt on when I was blindsided by a “seatbelt trap” the cops had set on a lazy saturday afternoon.  Ironically, numerous trucks overloaded with people in the back drove by as the officer lectured me on safety.  I’m $35 poorer and none the wiser I suppose.

Yes Mom, I almost always wear my seatbelt and keep the Beast under the 25 MPH speed limit.   I promise.

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The Beast v. The Rain

According to the American Samoa National Park website, we receive 150-300 inches of rain per year.  I don’t think this is much of an exaggeration for this year so far.  We are currently in the “rainy season” more commonly known as the “rainy-er season”.

In a competition between the Beast, aka my old Ford Ranger, and the rain forming puddle aka the Lake, the Beast always wins.  Probably has something to do with the “skilled” hands guiding the beast, right??

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Working the Church Property

My home church is working on constructing a building just off the “main road” (that’s right, many roads do not have official names).  The land is not level, so the hard working members at our church are dedicated to filling in the crater at in the center of the property (I am deathly allergic to hard work).  Jerry, one of our “senior” members, keeps postulating that there is a volcano lurking in there somewhere.  Let’s hope so not.

We are tremendously excited by all the possibilities of the future.  Privately owned land is very hard to come by here since most land is community owned, so we know how blessed we are here.

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Episode VI: The Return of the Dressmaker

OK, remember how I was having dresses made for my two dear sisters?  Well, they turned out nice.  When I picked them up, I was so proud of them, I felt like I had made them myself.

I have playful pictures of my siblings modeling their new threads.  But, they made me promise that I wouldn’t upload the pictures to my blog — you know how they get when a extra inch or two of flesh is showing.  Anyways, they are supposed to be getting some mild alterations done and then send me some more “modest” pictures.  Anyhow, that hasn’t happened yet…I’m still waiting…I never signed a waiver…you’re on notice.

In the meantime, you can imagine them in their dresses.

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I’m not dead yet…

Faithful readers, I am still here.  I may be fat(er), lazy(er), and short(er?), but I haven’t forgotten you.  Get ready for a ultra-mega-gold-platinum update.

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