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Cocoa Samoa

MMMmmmmmmmmmm (insert slurping sounds).  Had my first taste of the local chocolate the other day.  Cocoa grows on the island part of the year.  Families harvest it and process it themselves.  I am told it is very tedious.   I … Continue reading

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Local Entertainment

Island music.  What can I say?  It is so different, yet enticing.  I guess I will have to buy a ukulele one of these days (no hope for learning how to sing though).

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Visitors From Abroad

A group of volunteers visited our church and later joined us for a meal.  They are working with FEMA on tsunami relief here on the island.  After three weeks of physical labor, they head back to their homes in Michigan, … Continue reading

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Reminders of Home

My hosts, the Ashleys, made Taco Salad (or for the Evans family following this blog:  Taco Build Up) the other night for dinner.  It was a pleasant reminder of family gatherings back home.

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Baptism Today

We had a baptism today after church.  Of course the ocean is nearby…what a memorable place to experience symbolic death, burial, and resurrection into Christ.  Check out the video.  

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Samoan Children

Samoan children are beautiful, aren’t they?  They are very friendly too.  A boy ran up to me the other day and gave me a hug.  I guess he thought I needed one.  🙂

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First Visit to Tafuna Church of Christ

Here is a good look at the church building and some of the members.  Afterwards, all the fathers got together to pose for a picture. Samoans like to sing too.  See if you recognize this hymn from this morning. 20100620 … Continue reading

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