Episode VI: The Return of the Dressmaker

OK, remember how I was having dresses made for my two dear sisters?  Well, they turned out nice.  When I picked them up, I was so proud of them, I felt like I had made them myself.

I have playful pictures of my siblings modeling their new threads.  But, they made me promise that I wouldn’t upload the pictures to my blog — you know how they get when a extra inch or two of flesh is showing.  Anyways, they are supposed to be getting some mild alterations done and then send me some more “modest” pictures.  Anyhow, that hasn’t happened yet…I’m still waiting…I never signed a waiver…you’re on notice.

In the meantime, you can imagine them in their dresses.

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2 Responses to Episode VI: The Return of the Dressmaker

  1. Lorraine says:

    They are pretty, like the yellow one, but since they are sleaveless, I would not wear them, I am also modest. But I think the colors would look good one your sisters. Thanks for updates on blog. I have been waiting patiently.

  2. beth vanrheenen says:

    Bill! The dresses turned out beautiful. Good work! Your pride is well deserved.
    Auntie B

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