The Beast v. The Rain

According to the American Samoa National Park website, we receive 150-300 inches of rain per year.  I don’t think this is much of an exaggeration for this year so far.  We are currently in the “rainy season” more commonly known as the “rainy-er season”.

In a competition between the Beast, aka my old Ford Ranger, and the rain forming puddle aka the Lake, the Beast always wins.  Probably has something to do with the “skilled” hands guiding the beast, right??

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3 Responses to The Beast v. The Rain

  1. Lorraine says:

    You should not have driven thru that. What if there was no road, what if the rain completely eroded the road away. I saw that happen. Just saying to be more careful. I want to see a safe return from American Samoa.

  2. Vida says:

    I just finished reading your McNabbed entry…which makes me think: are there any driving laws in American Samoa about driving while videotaping????

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