Working the Church Property

My home church is working on constructing a building just off the “main road” (that’s right, many roads do not have official names).  The land is not level, so the hard working members at our church are dedicated to filling in the crater at in the center of the property (I am deathly allergic to hard work).  Jerry, one of our “senior” members, keeps postulating that there is a volcano lurking in there somewhere.  Let’s hope so not.

We are tremendously excited by all the possibilities of the future.  Privately owned land is very hard to come by here since most land is community owned, so we know how blessed we are here.

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One Response to Working the Church Property

  1. beth vanrheenen says:

    great before-and-after photos of the work the church did. I’m sure you did more than take photos. ‘-)
    Thanks for the new posts.
    Love, Auntie B

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