I Can’t Help It, That’s the Way I Was Raised

You can’t fight against your inner nature and the genetics God gave you, right?  In this scene, a preacher preaches, a dancer dances, and student studies, and an observer observes.  I am a clown because that is the way my parents raised me.

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The Colonel’s Kernel of Genius

Two chicken legs (original recipe of course), a regular mashed potatoes and gravy, small mountain dew, and two cookies = one kid’s meal at the local KFC.  Priced under $6, it is by far the best value on the menu, and enough food to keep this growing boy happy.  No, it doesn’t come with a toy, but the two bones make nice keepsakes.

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Local Artist: Sven Ortquist

The local Catholic Cathedral has a collection of carved reliefs done by a local artist named Sven Ortquist.  I believe he is half Samoan and half Scandinavian, so he is brown just like me.  I can’t help but think that our brownness ties us together somehow…

I do not know if he is alive still.  I have made a few inquiries and have heard that he is both living and deceased.  If he is still around, I would like to meet him.  Regardless, a piece of him is in each of these gifts.  My pictures can’t begin to capture the level of detail and the 3D quality.  It’s just something you have to see for yourself.  Ortquist is famous for incorporating Samoan facial features into his carvings of Jesus, as seen here.  There are about a dozen or so of these plaques throughout the nave depicting the moments leading up to the crucifixion of Jesus.  I am not sure what the numbers mean, but they may correspond to the stations of the Via Dolorosa/Stations of the Cross.  I will try and get a complete set of pix one of these days to share.  Better yet, come see for yourself.  Admission is free.

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Great Moments in AmSam History Vol. 1

Everyone remembers Apollo 13, right?  The true life events were made famous in the movie by Ron Howard starring Tom Hanks, Ed Harris, and Kevin Bacon.  Well, did you know that their space craft landed in the South Pacific not too far from American Samoa?  The astronauts first steps on land following their triumph over certain death were here on our Island.  There are several pix on a blog I discovered:    http://members.tripod.com/~Tavita_Herdrich/apollo13.html.  Check it out, it has a good recounting of the event.

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Interesting AmSam Laws Vol. 2

Abortion is basically illegal here.  But as one friend put it, “there are no unwanted children here”.  His statement seems to be accurate based on my observations.  I just find this to be interesting compared to the situation back home and I’ll leave it at that…

46.3902           Unlawful abortion.

(a)  A person commits the crime of unlawful abortion if he uses any instrument or device or prescribes or administers any medicine, drug, or other substance which is likely to produce an abortion of a pregnant woman, with purpose to produce an abortion unless the abor­tion is authorized under 46.3903.

(b) The defendant has the burden of in­jecting the issue of authorized abortion.

(c)  Unlawful abortion is a class D felony.


History: 1979, PL 16-43 § 2.


Research Guide: MPCC 13.090.

46.3903           Authorized abortions.

An authorized abortion is an abortion per­formed by a physician upon a consenting woman under the following conditions:

(1)   the life of the patient would be en­dangered by continuance of the pregnancy; or

(2)   the continuance of the pregnancy would substantially impair the physical or mental health of the patient.

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Interesting AmSam Laws Vol. 1

I have to drive with my seat belt on even though the speed limit is 25 MPH, but there is no limitation on the number of people riding in the bed of my truck.  I wonder which is more dangerous?  🙂  BTW, my personal record for number of people in my tiny Ford Ranger is 14 (I had 8 in the cab in 6 in the bed).

22.0333           Mandatory use of seat belts.

(a)  Except as otherwise provided by law, no person:

(1)  shall operate a motor vehicle upon any public highway unless the person is restrained by a seat belt assembly…

22.0334           Unaccompanied minors prohibited in back of truck or pickup truck.

No truck or pickup truck may be driven or moved on any highway having as a passenger a minor child of less than twelve (12) years of age in the bed or back of the vehicle, unless the said child is accompanied at all times by an adult of at least eighteen (18) years of age.

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Name That Tune

Ukulele Instrumental Oct 2010

I recently learned this classic tune in Ukulele class.  If you can name it in two seconds or less, you are a master (mostly because my playing is quite rough still).

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